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Crosswords, Sudoku, Nonograms


Gray Cells is a virtual stall of smart entertainments for thinkingpeople.The stall offers free magazines with brainteasers:☆ Crossword puzzles ☆ Sudoku ☆ Sumdoku ☆ Diagonals ☆ Shapes ☆ Japanese crosswords (nonograms)
Don’t miss! Soon, the stall will feature magazines with the following brainteasers:☆ Philippine crosswords ☆ Keywords ☆ Kakuro ☆ Rebus puzzles.
The magazines published in the stall are indispensablewhen you travel, have a vacation or undertake treatment.
Gray Cells is not just a stall — it is a publishing platform. Users can make and publish their own magazines with conundrums here. Just write us at
Three magazine series has already been published in the stall:
☆ “Gray Cells: Sudoku” is a magazine dedicated to one of the mostpopular brainteasers in the world. Japanese digital crosswords have quickly won recognition from the public all over the world. The magazine offers various Sudoku: classical, diagonals, sumdoku, shapes.
☆ "Gray Cells: Crossword Puzzles". In the magazine, youwill find many crossword puzzles to suit any taste. The magazine is ready to entertain you at any time in any place — whether you are at home, visiting someone or on a trip. Only selected crosswords can give a great deal of wonderful moments to a thinking person!
☆ "Gray Cells: Nonograms" is a magazine offering Japanese crosswords. These brainteasers will be interesting to all fans of smart entertainments.